Something for All

Our festival offers a range of activities for the whole family

Logging Show

Logging Show

Adult Event - Saturday July 23rd

Registration 2PM — Show Starts at 3PM

Amateur competitors only! Cost to enter is $3 per event or $30 enters you in ALL!

Kids Events - Sunday July 25th — 3PM 

FREE and cash prizes for the winners! SPONSORED BY THE TOLEDO ELKS

Events —

Axe Throw    Obstacle Pole    Choker Setting    Hook Tender Race    Double Buck    Modified Stock Saw Steeple Chase    4 Man Relay    Wrapper Throw    Block Toss    Jack & Jill

For more information or to volunteer as a timer please call CJ (541) 351-0232

Festival 5K

Come join us at 9:00 am on July 23rd and walk/run off the calories from indulging in at the Toledo Summer Festival. This event will begin at the main gate of Toledo Summer Festival. (Memorial Football Field and Les Schwab) This years route is considered to be easy, no hills. You will begin at the main gate — walk/run south on Butler Bridge Road cross over to East Slope Road. Walk through the park and cross over to Sturdevant Road. When you arrive at the Toledo Elementary School you will turn around and walk/run back to the main gate. At the gate you will be presented with your official Loggers Luau Lei Necklace. The cost is a donation to the Toledo High Track Team.

Kids Parade

Attention Kids 1 through 12: Join us in the parade on Friday July 22nd @ 5:40pm @ Toledo Library, (under 7 need to be accompanied by an adult).

Ride your bikes or your favorite toy or walk your dog from the library to the end of main street. Please wear your brightly colored shirts and or dresses and join in on the fun of the festival theme: LUCKY LOGGER DAYS! Let`s make this a GREAT parade for the beginning of our fun filled “LUCKY LOGGER DAYS” weekend!

Hope to see you there – treats for participants at the end of main street.

Lip Sync Contest

Friday, July 22, 2016 at 6 PM

New 2016: We are expanding this from traditional Karaoke to Lip Sync to allow for more participation!

Mainstream Music will provide music with JG providing an abundance of music to select from.

If you prefer to bring you own music, it must be original karaoke music. You may not use props or instruments in your performance. There will be no challenges to the judge’s decisions. All contestant must sign a sworn statement that they have not been paid to sign anywhere and that they are a true amateur.

Friday, July 22, 2016 Semi –Finals

Sign-ups are from 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM  Space is limited to the first 20 Adults and 10 Kids

No sign-ups after 7:00 PM

Try outs start at 7:00 PM promptly.

Top 15 semi-finalists will be announced immediately after the semi-final round is finished.  These are the people who will preform on Sunday,  July 24th in the finals.

There will be 10 adults and 5 kids chosen to preform on Sunday.

Sunday, July 24th Finals.

Finals will begin at 1:00 PM

Prize money will be awarded immediately after the finals have ended.

Prize Money

Adults: 14 years and over

1st Place $200.00

2nd Place $100.00

3rd Place  $75.00

Kids: 13 years and younger

All kids must have a signed parent permission slip in order to win a prize.

1st Place $75.00

2nd Place $50.00

3rd Place $25.00

Judging Elements

All contestants will be judged on 5 elements.  Each element is worth 10 points.  A total of 50 points is possible.

Stage Presence: Facial expression and body gestures.  Command of the audience through eye contact, etc.  Appearance of confidence and relaxation on stage.  Costume or dress appropriate to represent the nation.

Audience: Entertainment value (Overall performance): How absorbing and entertaining was the performance? Audience reaction (applause).

Note to contestant: Audience participation is 20% of your score.  Some ballads do not invoke the same participation from the audience as an upbeat tempo song.  Be aware of this when you select your song.